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Transit Service Reductions due to COVID-19

Given ridership has significantly decreased on transit over the past few weeks, TransLink is making minor service reductions to SeaBus, bus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express services.

  • - SeaBus will transition to sailings every 30 minutes all day, instead of every 10-minutes.

  • - Bus routes which have excess capacity, including those with empty buses, will have some frequencies reduced.

  • - Expo and Millennium Lines will see slight frequency reductions, with first and last train schedules remaining in place.

  • - West Coast Express Trains 2 and 4 have been cancelled.

  • - TransLink is carefully monitoring passenger levels in order to balance lower ridership with the need to maintain social distancing.

  • For more information, visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions page.

West Coast Express Schedules

West Coast Express icon

West Coast Express is a Monday to Friday commuter rail service operating during peak morning and evening periods between downtown Vancouver and Mission City.

For morning and evening schedules see the charts below.

Note: Our Bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express services begin and end at slightly different times.Use our Trip Planning tool to verify early morning or late night transfers.

Holiday Schedules

The West Coast Express doesn't operate on statutory holidays and operates on a reduced schedule on some holidays. Please visit the Special Trains and Holiday Schedule page for more information.


Westbound (Mon. - Fri.)

Mission City to Waterfront

Station Departure Times
Train W1 Train W2 Train W3 Train W4 Train W5
Mission City 5:25am 5:55am 6:25am 6:55am 7:25am
Port Haney 5:44am 6:14am 6:44am 7:14am 7:44am
Maple Meadows 5:50am 6:20am 6:50am 7:20am 7:50am
Pitt Meadows 5:54am 6:24am 6:54am 7:24am 7:54am
Port Coquitlam 6:04am 6:34am 7:04am 7:34am 8:04am
Coquitlam Central 6:10am 6:40am 7:10am 7:40am 8:10am
Moody Centre 6:15am 6:45am 7:15am 7:45am 8:15am
Waterfront 6:40am 7:10am 7:40am 8:10am 8:40am


Eastbound (Mon. - Fri.)

Waterfront to Mission City

Station Departure Times
Train E1 Train E2 Train E3 Train E4 Train E5
Waterfront 3:50pm 4:20pm 4:50pm 5:30pm 6:20pm
Moody Centre 4:14pm 4:44pm 5:14pm 5:54pm 6:44pm
Coquitlam Central 4:19pm 4:49pm 5:19pm 5:59pm 6:49pm
Port Coquitlam 4:24pm 4:54pm 5:24pm 6:04pm 6:54pm
Pitt Meadows 4:34pm 5:04pm 5:34pm 6:14pm 7:04pm
Maple Meadows 4:38pm 5:08pm 5:38pm 6:18pm 7:08pm
Port Haney 4:44pm 5:14pm 5:44pm 6:24pm 7:14pm
Mission City 5:05pm 5:35pm 6:05pm 6:45pm 7:35pm