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Pets on Transit

Travelling with a furry friend? Welcome aboard! Pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits and small fur-bearing or feathered animals are allowed on transit as long as they are in small, hand-held cages. The approved cage or container must fit on your lap and must be fully enclosed with no part of the animal exposed. It may also be placed on the floor, but must not impede free passage of customers and must not block any doors. Please ensure cages are clean, free of odour and have no sharp edges.

If you're travelling with your pet, it's best to make your trips during off-peak hours. The transit operator, at his or her discretion, may not allow you to board with your pet if there is a concern for the safety or comfort of your fellow passengers. If only standing room is available, the transit operator will refuse passage to you and your pet. Please respect their decision.

Only one hand-held approved cage or container is allowed per customer and dog strollers are not permitted on transit. Pets are also not permitted on HandyDART with the exception of Assistance Animals.

Assistance Animals

Assistance animals that are certified by the British Columbia Guide Animal Act are allowed on public transit at all times. If you're using an assistance animal while travelling on one of TransLink's services, the animal must wear its harness and leash. Be prepared to produce your Guide Animal Certificate.

If you are a non-resident of British Columbia, you must have a certificate from a bona fide guide animal training school recognized by the BC Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA), Consumer Services Division.