Bikes on WCE

Two people with bikes boarding West Coast Express

Please be courteous and allow other passengers to board and exit the train first.

Bringing your bike, including folding or electric bikes, on West Coast Express (WCE) lets you travel long distances, yet still be able to use your bike when you arrive at your destination. It's great for commuters whose workplace or home is not within walking distance of WCE stations. You can leave your car behind, go green, get fit and get to work.



Maximum two bikes per car.


Times Allowed

Bicycles are allowed on WCE at all hours.



  • Bikes with trailers of any kind are not permitted.
  • West Coast Express reserves the right to limit the number of bicycles travelling together and it is solely at their discretion to limit any trailers or attachments.
  • Two-wheeled electric and gas-powered scooters are not permitted.

Play it Safe

  • Dismount at all times in stations, platforms, elevators, stairs and on board. You must not ride your bicycle anywhere on the trains, platforms, stations or at bus loops.
  • When boarding or leaving the train, use caution to avoid bumping into other passengers. Please be courteous and allow other passengers to board and exit the train first.
  • Give priority to wheelchairs, scooters, baby carriages and passengers with service animals such as guide dogs.
  • Hold on to your bike at all times while on trains and in stations.
  • WCE staff may require cyclists to relocate or board an alternate train.
  • Bicycles must be clean and have no projections that might damage the train or injure other passengers.
  • Slip-covers are recommended for folding bikes.

    Bike Parking

    Photo of inside of bike parkade

    Keep your bike safe while riding transit. Register to use our indoor bike parking facilities.

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