We continue to salt and sand bus loops and SkyTrain stations, but please use caution in these areas and remember to dress warmly in anticipation of potential delays.

Expect extra crowding on some routes To provide improved traction, many articulated buses have been switched with standard, 40 foot buses. This will mean some modified service, with increased crowding and the possibility of passups in some areas.

HandyDART is currently operating regular service.

Bikes on SkyTrain

Woman with bike standing outside SkyTrain

Taking your bike on SkyTrain makes it easy to bike all over Metro Vancouver. Many types of bikes, electric and folding bikes, are allowed on board. While this can allow you to travel more conveniently with your bike, there are only a few restrictions about when you can take your bike on the SkyTrain, so check for details below.



There are no additional fees for taking your bike on the SkyTrain.


Train Car Capacity

Capacity is limited by which line you are on. Please be mindful that taking your bike on transit during rush hour times will also limit the capacity.

Canada Line: Maximum of one bike per car.
Expo & Millennium Lines: Maximum of two bikes per car.
Always board through a door not occupied by large crowds.


Times Allowed

Canada Line: All hours in all directions.*

*While bikes are allowed on the Canada Line all the time, remember that you may not be able to load your bike during peak "rush" hours.


Expo Line: All hours except during the following:

Time Restricted Direction

7 to 9 a.m.
Mon. to Fri.

When travelling towards downtown Vancouver; from Columbia and King George stations towards Waterfront Station.

4 to 6 p.m.
Mon. to Fri.

When travelling away from downtown Vancouver; from Waterfront Station towards Columbia and King George stations.

At this time, bikes are allowed at all times between Production Way–University and Columbia stations on the Expo Line only (subject to change based on traffic volumes).


Millennium Line: All hours except during the following:

Time Restricted Direction

7 to 9 a.m.
Mon. to Fri.

When travelling towards Vancouver; from Lafarge Lake–Douglas and Lougheed stations towards VCC–Clark Station;

4 to 6 p.m.
Mon. to Fri.

When travelling away from Vancouver; from VCC–Clark Station towards Lougheed and Lafarge Lake–Douglas stations.


SkyTrain staff may, at any time, direct customers with bikes to refrain from boarding trains with their bikes during heavy crowding conditions and ask that they wait until crowds subside.


Additional Restrictions

  • Bikes with trailers of any kind are not permitted.
  • Bikes are not allowed on escalators. Please use the elevators or stairwells.
  • Bikes must be less than 185 cm (73 in) long.
  • Two-wheeled electric and gas-powered scooters are not permitted.


Play it Safe

  • Dismount at all times in stations, platforms, elevators, stairs, and on board. You must not ride your bicycle anywhere inside stations or trains.
  • When boarding or leaving SkyTrain, use caution to avoid bumping into other passengers. Please be courteous and allow other passengers to board and exit the SkyTrain first.
  • Give priority to wheelchairs, scooters, baby carriages, and passengers with service animals such as guide dogs.
  • Hold on to your bike at all times while on trains and in stations.
  • While on board remain near the doorway and keep the aisles free.
  • Bicycles must be clean and have no projections that might damage SkyTrain cars or injure other passengers.
  • Slip-covers are recommended for folding bikes.

    Bike Parking

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    Keep your bike safe while riding transit. Register to use our indoor bike parking facilities.

    Transit Alerts

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