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Website Accessibility

TransLink's Access Transit Strategy aims to create a highly accessible, inclusive and safe system that ensures we can welcome all members of our diverse communities to transit. This commitment to accessibility also extends to our website.

This website conforms to the Web Accessibility Initiative's Priority Level AA. Disabled persons using text-only browsers or other assistive technology will be able to read the content on the page, including text descriptions for all images.

Most pages in this site meet the Priority Level AA standard, and some conform to the highest standard of AAA. While every effort has been made to make each page accessible, there are some pages and elements of the site that are not:

  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Flash used for promotional pieces and embedded modules
  • Google Transit Map
  • The traffic camera used to display driving conditions in Driving
  • Trip Planner (please note, Google Transit turn-by-turn directions is an accessible option for trip planning).


External Links

Please note that where links lead to external sites not under TransLink's control we have no ability to ensure a level of accessibility that is equal to our own standards.


Help Us Improve

We have a strong commitment to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our website, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact us.

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