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CNIB ID Compass Card

We've partnered with the CNIB Foundation to provide more than 2,000 Metro Vancouver legally blind participants with CNIB National ID cards that also function as Compass Cards.

To use transit simply tap your CNIB ID Compass Card as you enter or exit a Fare Paid Zone. Remember, buses are tap in only, so there's no need to tap out when exiting.

Since CNIB ID Compass Cards are also ID cards, they're non-transferrable.

You’ll need to tap your card within 80 days of receiving it to activate your transit pass.


You can tap your CNIB ID Compass card at any faregate or Compass Card reader. More information on how to tap can be found on our Compass Card page.

Contact the Station Assistance Program at 604.520.5518 to request assistance at SkyTrain or Canada Line if you are not able to tap your CNIB ID Compass Card. SkyTrain or Canada Line Attendants will also be able to assist you.

Learn more about other assistance options available.

The card is valid on West Coast Express.

The CNIB ID Compass Card isn't valid for HandyDART.

Your CNIB ID Compass Card must be renewed every 5 years for adults and every 3 years for children. Contact your local CNIB office for renewal details. The validity dates are printed on the front of the card.

Together with CNIB Foundation, we've developed a training program for CNIB customers. For information, contact CNIB Foundation at 604.431.2121.

The integrated CNIB ID Compass Card is personalized with your name, photograph, and CNIB ID number. No personal information is stored on the card's chip.

CNIB clients who reside outside Metro Vancouver can contact CNIB Foundation to obtain Compass Tickets for their travel needs.

You may use your new CNIB card as a flash pass elsewhere in BC.

Punching a hole or clipping the corner of a Compass Card may damage the chip/antenna, rendering the card invalid.

A replacement CNIB ID Compass Card may be obtained by contacting the CNIB Vancouver office at 604.431.2121.

CNIB clients will pay $10 for their first replacement card, subsequent replacement cards will cost $25.

Cards reported lost or stolen will be deactivated and will no longer open fare gates or work on buses.

The gates have sensors that detect movement, 2 of which aim downward and can detect a guide dog or cane. The fare gates won't close until you've passed through them.

The gate paddles are programmed to open away from you. In the case of a fire alarm or power failure, the fare gates are designed to open automatically.

CNIB isn't part of the HandyCard program and doesn't provide free attendant travel. CNIB customers wishing to travel with an attendant will need to apply for a HandyCard while travelling.

For more information on your eligibility for a CNIB ID Compass card, call the CNIB Vancouver Service Centre at 604.431.2121, open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact Compass Customer Service at 604.398.2042 regarding how to use your CNIB ID Compass Card, registering, transaction history, fare gate and reader issues, error messages, and Compass Terms and Conditions, or to leave feedback.