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Access Transit Users' Advisory Committee

The Access Transit Users' Advisory Committee (UAC) was formed as a response to customer comments received during the Access Transit Strategy review. They provide ongoing advice on TransLink plans, programs, and initiatives, making sure that accessibility issues are always considered.

Meeting regularly throughout the year, UAC members promote accessibility awareness and help TransLink make the transit system more accessible for everyone through creative, open-minded, and inclusive thinking.


2021 Users' Advisory Committee

Applications to serve on the 2021 Access Transit Users' Advisory Committee (UAC) are now being accepted.

The purpose of the Access Transit Users’ Advisory Committee (UAC) is to advise TransLink on improvements to the accessibility of our conventional transit services. The Committee provides accessibility-related advice on plans, programs and other initiatives that TransLink funds.

Candidates will be evaluated based on relevant qualifications and the need to reflect a balanced representation from various user groups, including persons with one or more disabilities, their representatives, and seniors or their representatives. Committee members are selected to participate based on their background, transit experience, accessibility knowledge, and community involvement.

The UAC meets approximately six times per year, and members are appointed for a three year term, with the option to reapply for a second consecutive three year term if they wish.

Prior to completing an application form, please read through the committee Terms of Reference.

If you have any questions about the application process or serving on the UAC, please contact:

Access Transit Planning

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