Plans and Strategies

Photo of a double decker bus

In today’s world, technological advances are now happening at a breathtaking pace. And key transportation-related technologies are converging leading to what we expect will be rapid changes in the transportation landscape towards greater integration, personalization, automation, connectivity, electrification, and sharing.

If we plan proactively, we can choose to harness this world of New Mobility in support of regional objectives to dramatically reduce distances driven and dramatically increase the number of trips made by active and shared-use modes.

With clear and forward-thinking policy direction, we can ensure that New Mobility services not only help create a more seamlessly integrated door-to-door travel experience but that they do so in a way that also promotes safe, healthy, clean and compact communities, and affordable and equitable access for all.

Many of our existing plans, strategies, and policy documents already provide useful direction when it comes to New Mobility: