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We look forward to regularly convening and participating in meetings and events related to New Mobility in order to build stronger networks and partnerships between industry, entrepreneurs, academia, and government throughout the region and beyond.


Upcoming Events


New Mobility Symposium

On June 13, 2018 the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), in partnership with TransLink as the local host, will be holding a National New Mobility Symposium in Vancouver.

The symposium will provide an opportunity for New Mobility leaders and professionals from across North America and internationally to discuss the latest developments in urban mobility.

It will also serve as a unique and educational experience for planners, transit leaders, and municipal leaders who are considering the role of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) in their cities, and are looking for how to work together in a way that meets both their objectives, and those of their stakeholders.

For more information and to register, visit the CUTA website.


Past Events


New Westminster Innovation Week

In Feb. 2018, the City of New Westminster held their annual Innovation Week, in partnership with TransLink around the theme of transportation.

In addition to supporting a transportation-data hackathon, a technology business networking event, and a public lecture, TransLink worked with New Westminster to support a full-day Transportation Forum aimed at professionals, elected-officials, and engaged members of the community.

The Transportation Forum was focused on three key areas: automated vehicles, electric vehicles, and open data.

For more information read the Transportation Forum Report.


Regional New Mobility Forum

On Dec. 4, 2017 TransLink hosted the inaugural New Mobility Forum in Metro Vancouver. This event brought together provincial, regional and municipal government officials, academia, and the businesses and entrepreneurs delivering many of the New Mobility services in the region and beyond. The aim of this ongoing Forum is to build the relationships, consensus and trust necessary to channel the technology-driven disruption happening in the transportation sector today towards building communities that are sustainable, livable, and just.

More information can be found in our New Mobility Forum Report and Forum Slide Deck.

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