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SkyTrain Customer Communications Upgrades


Graphic for customer communication initiativesWe're providing better real-time service information for customers: new information signs, better sounding announcements, and more security measures at all Expo and Millennium stations (excluding the Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line). Upgrades include:

  • Approximately 280 new dynamic customer information displays. These signs will replace the existing red LED next train signs that are currently on platforms
  • Upgraded PA Systems including replacing nearly 1,000 speakers along the original Millennium Line, optimizing existing speakers on the Expo Line, and adding approximately 324 speakers (including station entrance speakers) to improve sound.
  • New and additional station CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras to improve customer safety.
  • TransLink and its advertising partner, Lamar (Lamar Transit Advertising Canada Ltd), are rolling out digital customer kiosks at most Expo and Millennium SkyTrain stations, SeaBus terminals, and select bus loops and West Coast Express stations.



Improvements have been rolling out station-by-station since fall 2018 and more than 60% of our Expo and Millennium line stations are now complete! Work to upgrade the remaining stations will continue through 2021.



Construction impacts will vary depending on the station, and we thank our customers and neighbours for their patience while we make these significant improvements. Any impacts to customers will be posted on our Alerts page.



As part of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, the Government of Canada, Government of B.C and region is investing $60.5 million in our transit network to improve real-time service information for customers.


Digital Customer Kiosks

Rendering of a customer using a Digital Customer Kiosk


Customers can use the digital Lamar kiosks to plan a trip and view real-time transit and wayfinding information. The digital touch-screens stand 6½ feet tall and almost 3 feet wide, providing customers with an easy-to-use and convenient way to get transit information on the go.

The first digital customer kiosk launched at Surrey Central SkyTrain Station. The installation of kiosks at other locations will continue through 2020.