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Expo Line Escalator Replacement Project

Illustration of people using an escalator at a SkyTrain station

TransLink is replacing 37 escalators at 13 SkyTrain Stations along the Expo Line and at select West Coast Express stations as part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program. This critical investment into the system will keep escalators operating safely and reliably for customers well into the future.

The original escalators were installed at a time when there were significantly lower passenger volumes than today. Expo Line traffic has quadrupled from what it was 30 years ago.

Granville Station was the first to see improvements and work on several more escalators across the Expo Line is currently underway.

Customers are encouraged to visit our Alerts page for information on service impacts.



The three main escalators at Granville Station are the longest on the system. Replacing these escalators was a complicated process requiring the new escalators to be built piece-by-piece on site. Including these, a total of six escalators began replacement work in 2018 and 2019. As of July 2020, these escalators have been successfully replaced and all entrances at Granville Station have been re-opened.

Granville Station’s Escalator Replacement Project is now complete and the station has now fully re-opened to welcome you back to transit.

  • This Includes
    • Two escalators in the Hudson’s Bay mall corridor, providing access to the main SkyTrain entrance and ticketing area
    • The ticketing area and three long escalators providing access to the inbound and outbound platforms
    • A small escalator and staircase, leading from the inbound to outbound platform levels
    • The Seymour Street entrance and staircase

We’re excited to fully re-open Granville Station just as ridership continues to return to the SkyTrain system.

  • More route options within the station makes it easier to maintain physical distance from others

New, heavier-duty escalators mean less downtime for maintenance to help keep you moving.

Did you know?

The three longest and most iconic escalators in Metro Vancouver have been successfully replaced – that’s more than 500 steps in total!

  • This wasn’t your average escalator replacement – these required piece by piece assembly on-site meaning a customized, longer, more complex process
  • Prior to construction, these escalators carried nearly 30,000 people on an average weekday
  • A small escalator and staircase, leading from the inbound to outbound platform levels
  • The Seymour Street entrance and staircase

We know this project was a long-haul and appreciate your patience. This critical infrastructure work will improve the durability, safety, reliability of Granville Station’s escalators today and well into the future.

The two escalators in the south stationhouse began construction in December 2019.

What you need to know:

  • Customers can still use the other escalator, elevator or stairs in the south stationhouse closer to 10th Avenue for access to platforms 3 and 4.
  • We expect the escalator replacement to take approximately six months to complete.

We thank customers for their patience while we work to improve their experience on our transit system.

We're replacing your escalator at Columbia Station with a brand new model!

what you need to know:

  • Customers can still use the stairs or elevators at the station to access platform level and the station remains fully accessible.
  • Work should take about six months to complete.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your transit experience.

We’re replacing all five original escalators at Waterfront’s SkyTrain Station with brand-new models! This includes:

  • Two escalators (one up, one down) at the east end of the Expo Line platform
  • Two escalators (one up, one down) at the Howe Street station entrance.
  • One (up) escalator between the Expo Line platform and Howe Street escalators.

In April 2020, we began work on one of the two escalators at the Howe Street station entrance. From May until fall 2020, we’ll also be working to replace the two busiest escalators at the station at the east end of the Expo Line platform, near the Cordova street fare gates.

What you need to know:

From May 11 until fall 2020, we’ll be working to replace the two east escalators, leading from the Cordova Street fare gates down to the Expo Line platform.

  • During construction, customers can still use the staircase to travel down to platform level. However, in order to maintain physical distancing requirements, customers will not be able to use the staircase to exit to Cordova Street or transfer to Canada Line, SeaBus, or West Coast Express.
  • The elevator will be reserved and those who need it will be able to use it as normal and SkyTrain attendants will be present to assist customers to the elevator.

Customers need exit via Howe Street near Canada Place. To transfer from Expo Line to Canada Line, SeaBus, or West Coast Express, customers should give themselves five to 10 minutes to re-enter the station from Cordova Street.

  • Please follow directional signs posted on-site or ask transit staff for assistance.

Map of the Cordova Street Walking Route

Cordova Street Walking Route

During this time, access points for Expo Line may be more crowded than usual. Please be patient and maintain two metres physical distance from other customers while using the transit system. We’re expediting this work while ridership is low to limit the number of people impacted as much as possible. Completing critical maintenance and repair work now will prepare our system for when ridership begins to return to normal levels.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we continue to improve your transit network. This critical work will keep your escalators operating safely and reliably for years to come.

The program is primarily funded through TransLink's capital funding. Through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, the Government of Canada, Government of B.C and region invested $14.5 million specifically for the upgrades to six escalators at Granville SkyTrain Station.

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