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22nd Street Exchange

Rendering of bus bay at upgraded 22nd Street Exchange

As of July 2019, the upgrades at 22nd Street Exchange are now complete!

As part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program, we have completed upgrades to the 22nd Street Bus Exchange. These upgrades included a improved lighting, a new electric bus charging station, and a widened waiting area in order to improve customer safety and comfort, and to help meet the needs of our growing region.

The upgraded exchange is more than 30 years old and serves over 9,000 customers each weekday.

Project Overview

The upgrades included:

  • Enhanced lighting to improve safety
  • A new electric bus charging station
  • A widened waiting area and additional seating to reduce crowding and to make it easier to transfer between bus and SkyTrain
  • New bus shelters for all passenger loading bays to improve customer safety and comfort
  • Colourful public art with 22 graphic icons of phytoplankton found near the exchange, that boosts the spirit and vibrancy of the area

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