Willowbrook Exchange

The Willowbrook Exchange and Conceptual Area Plan includes a Willowbrook Exchange Final Concept for a new transit exchange in the Township of Langley's Willowbrook neighbourhood. The plan identifies a general location and configuration for a transit exchange within the Willowbrook area which can be integrated into the neighbourhood as it redevelops. The conceptual area plan identifies a high-level vision for a neighbourhood that will become more transit oriented over time. It's being developed in coordination with the Downtown Langley Exchange.

The concept for the exchange is an on-street exchange, located on a future street grid to the east of 196 St. The exchange location and configuration is flexible in order to respond to future redevelopment. However, the location and design of the exchange should locate passenger areas as close as possible to Fraser Hwy. to facilitate transfers to existing bus services and future rapid transit on that corridor. More detailed design work, informed by future public consultation, will be undertaken as the exchange and its adjacent area evolves.

Willowbrook Exchange Concept

Willowbrook Rendering