Phibbs Exchange

As part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program, TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are working together to upgrade Phibbs Bus Exchange.

This is one of the most important bus exchanges in the region, serving 16 bus routes and almost 16,000 passengers daily. Because of its position in the regional roadway network, the exchange is where many routes in the North Shore meet in a carefully managed pulse, allowing efficient transfers in all directions.

The upgrades will improve comfort and safety for transit passengers, better integrate the exchange with the neighbourhood, and provide more service for growing customer demand and future service expansion.

Plans for the improved exchange incorporate input from TransLink,the District of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Funding for the project is through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).


Upgrade highlights

  • Improved comfort and safety for transit passengers through better lighting, more weather protection, and enhanced accessibility with better connections for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The Exchange will feature a boomerang-shaped passenger platform along the perimeter of to serve major bus routes, a necessary upgrade to support future bus service improvements, including the introduction of a new B-Line route in late 2019.
  • With new and vibrant landscaping, and improved passenger amenities, the upgraded exchange will be a welcoming environment for the growing Lower Lynn community to connect to transit services in the north shore and throughout the region.


Phibbs Exchange Rendering


Construction details

  • Construction is expected to begin in fall 2018 and end in spring 2020.
  • All buses currently serving Phibbs Exchange will continue to operate during the upgrade and the exchange will remain accessible, however bus stops will be temporarily relocated.
  • To accommodate the relocation of the new Highway 1 exit and construction in the area, the parking lot by Phibbs Exchange which is operated by the District of North Vancouver is closing in the fall. Customers that currently use this lot are encouraged to use the Trip Planner to learn about transit options.
  • Neighbours and drivers can expect increased construction activity in the area.

We thank customers, neighbours, and drivers in advance for their patience while we complete this important work. Additional details will be shared once plans are finalized, well before construction begins.

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