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Phibbs Exchange

Phibbs Exchange is one of the most important bus exchanges in the region, serving 16 bus routes and almost 16,000 passengers daily. Because of its position in the regional roadway network, the exchange is where many routes in the North Shore meet in a carefully managed pulse, allowing efficient transfers in all directions. As the North Shore community grows, the exchange has not met the changing access and demand.

The North Shore Area Transit Plan calls for enhanced passenger facilities at Phibbs Exchange, better integrating the exchange with the surrounding neighbourhood and capacity expansion to meet TransLink's 2040 Plan. To meet these goals, the Phibbs Exchange Conceptual Design Study identifies a plan that accommodates additional long-term bus capacity while building strong connections with surrounding transportation networks and the adjacent community.

Developed by TransLink with input from the District of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Conceptual Design Study provides a vision for an improved Phibbs Exchange. The study will assist TransLink and its partners in further developing an implementation strategy, including the identification of funding sources. Once funding is secured, more detailed design work will be informed by public consultation.

The Executive Summary to the Phibbs Exchange Conceptual Design Study provides an overview of the proposed upgrades.


Phibbs Exchange Concept

Phibbs Exchange Rendering