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Road Network Operations & Maintenance

Photo of a construction crew working on road maintenance

As part of its mandate, TransLink contributes to the annual upkeep and maintenance of 675 km of the Major Road Network (MRN). This Operations, Maintenance and Rehabilitation (OMR) funding helps keep the Major Road Network in a good state of repair, ensuring that people and goods can move efficiently and safely across the region.

The work on the roads is planned and performed by municipalities, and includes activities such as street cleaning and snow removal; maintaining streetlights, traffic signals and signs; patching potholes; and repaving.

From 2017 to 2019, TransLink has provided municipal partners with more than $148 million to operate, maintain and rehabilitate the Major Road Network. Each year, municipalities receive an amount that is proportionate to the number of Major Road Network lane kilometres within their community.

Infographic of Funded Projects across municipalities

TransLink also provides funding to municipalities for projects to expand and enhance municipal road, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure throughout Metro Vancouver.