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Regional Road Performance Monitoring Report

Healthy regional roads are essential to the livability and economic success of our region. They enable the efficient movement of goods and connect commuters to the people and places that matter the most.

TransLink is more than transit. In partnership with municipalities, we plan the region's Major Road Network (MRN). We also contribute funding for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the MRN and share the cost of road, cycling, and pedestrian improvement projects with municipal partners.

Our new Regional Road Performance Monitoring (RRPM) report and online dashboard collect and present important data on the health and safety of Metro Vancouver’s regional roads. It helps us understand the location, scale, and complexity of our road network challenges.

This is our first RRPM report. As we restart our economy from the pandemic and plan for our future, the data in future iterations of this report can help TransLink and road authorities make informed, performance-based decisions. It also reinforces the need for strong partnerships and strategic investments across the region to help create a safer and more efficient road network.




If you have any feedback on the RRPM online dashboard, please email us at