Road, Cycling and Pedestrian Improvements

Photo of a woman cycling in a designated bike lane

TransLink partners with municipalities and other stakeholders to improve regionally-significant road, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure throughout Metro Vancouver.

Through our municipal cost-sharing programs, TransLink contributes up to 50% of eligible capital costs for infrastructure upgrades that will help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians for years to come. These projects are driven by the municipality involved, and may include the addition of new travel lanes, new left-turn lanes, road safety and efficiency improvements, new pedestrian and bike signals, new bike lanes, and multi-use paths.

From 2008 to 2017, TransLink has committed approximately $145 million towards more than 330 road, cycling, and pedestrian improvement projects across the region.

Infographic of MRN & Cycling improvements

TransLink also contributes funding to municipalities to keep the Major Road Network in a good state of repair. Learn more on the Road Network Operations & Maintenance page.