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R2 Marine Dr

The Marine Drive RapidBus will connect West Vancouver and North Vancouver with fast, frequent, reliable bus service. The route will run between Phibbs Exchange to Park Royal, cutting up to 10 minutes off trip times while connecting customers to key destinations in between.

Once in service, the Marine Drive RapidBus service will have the capacity to move up to 1,650 people per hour during rush hour.

Update: Due to construction impacts, the Marine Drive RapidBus route will launch April 6, 2020. Please see the Launch Timelines tab below for more details.

Time of Day Morning Peak
(6 to 9 a.m.)
(9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Afternoon Peak
(3 to 6 p.m.)
(6 to 9 p.m.)
Late Night
(9 p.m. to 1 a.m.)
Weekday 8 min 10 min 8 min 10 min 15 min
Weekend 10 min 10 min 10 min 10 min 15 min


Detailed PDF Map

TransLink will make a number of changes to local routes to avoid service duplication and to better integrate with the new RapidBus.

Future changes to local service

Route 239

  • Discontinue to avoid duplication and reinvest service into Marine Dr RapidBus (local stop service continues to be provided by other routes on the same corridor)

Route 240

  • Increase frequency to 7 min in peak
  • Extend route to Lynn Valley

Route 255

  • Alter route 255 to provided local service on West 3rd Street
  • Alter route to Keith Road to provide more direct service between Central Lonsdale and Capilano University (service to Lynn Valley replaced by more frequent 240 as described above)

New route between Cap. U and Phibbs Exchange

  • Provide service every 8 mins in peaks, every 10 mins midday, and every 12-30 mins in the evening

TransLink sought public input on the proposed changes to local routes in March 2018. For more details, see the public consultation report.

To ensure RapidBuses can deliver fast and reliable service and don't get stuck in traffic, we've worked with local governments to identify street and traffic changes that will speed up bus-travel times. These street changes target areas where buses face the worst delays. Changes are then tailored to the unique street context. Bus-priority measures improve travel times for all buses travelling along the corridors while having a negligible impact on regular traffic.

For details on the transit priority projects planned on Marine Drive see the map and road changes below.

R2: Marine Dr Transit Priority Projects

Taylor Way to Lions Gate Bridge

  • In the westbound direction, the outside lane will be dedicated to buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right. This ensures buses don’t get stuck in traffic.

Garden Ave. to Phillip Ave.

  • In the westbound direction, the existing transit lane (which is dedicated to buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right) will be extended.
  • Left turns will not be restricted. Drivers will still be able to turn left from the inner lane in both directions.
  • This change maintains two lanes of regular traffic in each direction.

Hamilton Ave. to Bewick Ave.

  • The median will be removed to introduce a shared, westbound lane for buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right. This ensures buses don’t get stuck in traffic.
  • This change maintains two lanes of regular traffic in each direction.
  • The shared bus and bike lane will run between 15th and 16th Street and between Fell Ave. to the lane just to the west of Fell Ave.

Lonsdale Quay

  • To improve bus travel times through Lonsdale Quay, buses will be routed via Rogers Avenue.
  • Traffic lights will be introduced at Rogers & Esplanade and 1st & Lonsdale and 2nd & Lonsdale.
  • There will be 15 parking spots removed in this region to create a left-turn bay and larger RapidBus bus stop. Another eight will be created by diverting all buses to Rogers Ave. The net loss of parking spots will be seven.
  • The existing bike lanes will be maintained with a slight adjustment to the westbound section between Lonsdale and Rogers Ave. This section will become a separated, off-street bike lane.

Lonsdale Ave. to Heywood Ave.

  • Some parking restrictions on the south side to dedicate a lane to buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right.

Gladstone Ave. to Brooksbank Ave.

  • The eastbound curb will be moved to create an extra, outside lane dedicated to buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right.
  • An eastbound off-street bicycle lane will be added.
  • The existing westbound bike lane will be maintained.

Lynn Ave. to Phibbs Exchange

  • Minor curbwork to on the south side to enable a new eastbound bus lane.
  • This change maintains two lanes of regular traffic in each direction.
  • All existing right and left turn lanes are maintained.
  • The bike lane is maintained.
  • New intersection to access Phibbs Exchange.

Significant construction is underway along Marine Drive on the North Shore to accommodate the new R2 RapidBus service that will transport people between Park Royal and Phibbs Exchange. During this construction, contractors have discovered several unexpected underground utility works that are taking extra time to work around or move.

As a result, we are shifting the planned launch date for the R2 route and the new service is now expected to launch on April 6, 2020. Our construction schedule has also been impacted by other construction projects occurring simultaneously along this corridor, which require accommodation.

We look forward to delivering this new service to the people on the North Shore. We will provide an update on the new launch timeline for R2 as soon as it is confirmed.