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RapidBus Program

Get ready for faster trips, less waiting and more free time! RapidBus is a new bus service launching in January 2020 as part of the Mayors' 10-Year Vision. We’re introducing three new RapidBus routes and upgrading two existing B-Lines to the new brand.



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Frequent All-Day Service
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Fast & Reliable
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New Look & Features
  • 3 to 10 minutes in peak times
  • 8 to 15 minutes at other times
  • Service from 6 a.m. to midnight, or better
  • Less stopping
  • Board at any door
  • Redesigned streets to prioritize transit
  • New Hybrid articulated buses
  • Distinctive bus branding
  • Real-time information at stops



RapidBus & B-Line Network Map

RapidBus will launch in January 2020, bringing new, rapid-bus service to nine communities across the region. We will share the exact launch date once it’s confirmed, so customers can start planning for shorter bus trips and faster commutes.

To ensure RapidBuses can deliver fast and reliable service and don't get stuck in traffic, we've worked with local governments to identify street and traffic changes that will speed up bus-travel times. These changes—also referred to as bus-priority measures—include changes to traffic signals, turn restrictions, introducing dedicated bus lanes and more. Street changes target areas where buses face the worst delays. Changes are then tailored to the unique street context. Bus-priority measures improve travel times for all buses travelling along the corridors while having a negligible impact on regular traffic.

In spring 2018 we consulted on the service and stops for the new routes, as well as proposed changes to local routes and potential transit-priority measures. We had over 5,755 responses to our online survey and heard from 1,678 people at 22 public events.

We heard strong support for all of the proposed routes, stops, and potential transit-priority measures and made some changes based on feedback. For up to date information on the service plan for each corridor see the route specific pages. For more information on what we heard during consultation, please see the consultation report.