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Burnaby Mountain Gondola

Red Whistler Peak-to-Peak Gondola

In 2014, the Mayors’ Council developed a 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation which noted that a high-capacity connection from Burnaby Mountain to a nearby SkyTrain station may be required, and that further investigation and consultation was needed.

In November 2016, the Phase One Investment Plan committed to updating a previous 2011 assessment of a gondola linking Production Way-University Station to SFU Square on Burnaby Mountain. This assessment determined that a gondola was a feasible solution for improving travel time, addressing reliability issues, meeting future travel demand, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2017, the merits of building a gondola were reexamined and confirm that there is still a compelling case for a gondola transit solution.

For more details, view the updated Burnaby Mountain Gondola Transit feasibility study.


What comes next?

The Phase Two Investment Plan includes funding for further project planning work. This enables TransLink to advance the level of design, conduct further technical work, and conduct public and stakeholder engagement to assess support for the project.

If project development work enabled by the Phase Two Investment Plan continues to be supportive of advancing the Burnaby Mountain gondola, and funding is secured, then construction of a gondola could be approved through a future investment plan.

The latest project information can be found in the Document Library.