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Broadway Subway Project

Vancouver’s Broadway Corridor is an important economic, healthcare, and residential centre, and the busiest bus route in Canada and the U.S.A - with more than 100,000 transit trips each day.  

Over the next 30 years, Metro Vancouver will welcome 1 million new residents and 600,000 new jobs. As the region grows, so do its transportation needs.

The Broadway Subway Project will be a direct extension of the existing Millennium Line.

Continuing from VCC–Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 700 metres, the extension will then travel underground along Broadway for 5km.

The project includes 6 new underground stations, including an interim terminus station at Arbutus Street. B-Line bus service will continue between Arbutus Street and UBC. During construction, routes 9 and 99 will remain on Broadway.

Please visit to learn more about how BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is delivering the project.

 A future phase of investment will connect rapid transit all the way to UBC’s Point Grey campus. Please visit the Millennium Line UBC extension page for more information.