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Broadway Subway Project

Over the next 30 years, Metro Vancouver will welcome 1 million new residents and 600,000 new jobs. As the region grows, so do its transportation needs.

The Broadway Subway Project will be a direct extension of the existing Millennium Line. Continuing from VCC–Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 800 metres, the extension will then travel approximately 5 km beneath Broadway. The project includes 6 new stations and ends at Arbutus Street. A future phase of investment will connect rapid transit all the way to UBC’s Point Grey campus.

Rapid transit along this busy corridor has been identified as a key requirement for ensuring our region stays connected, efficient, and economically strong.

With the roll-out earlier this year of the first phase of the 10-Year Investment Plan, early works and engagement for the Broadway Subway is underway.

TransLink, the Government of Canada and the Province of B.C. are contributing more than $9 billion in transit and transportation investments across Metro Vancouver to achieve the Mayors’ 10-year Vision. The Province committed to funding 40% of Phase Two which includes this project, rapid transit south of the Fraser and several others.

Both TransLink and the Province are the major funders for the assets they will own. TransLink is directing most of its funding towards rapid transit south of the Fraser, and B.C. is directing most of its share of funding to the Broadway Subway project.

Visit engage.gov.bc.ca/broadwaysubway to learn more about how the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will deliver the project.

More Information

More information about the UBC Line Rapid Transit Study can be found in the Key Findings Infographic and Alternatives Evaluation Executive Summary.