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Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project

Photo of the 250 on Lionsgate Bridge

North Shore faces considerable transportation challenges. Due to its geography, topography, and existing transportation network, road congestion is significant. And there is a lack of competitive and sustainable options.

The Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) was an unprecedented collaboration to seek real solutions to these challenges. It brought together TransLink, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, and all three levels of government.

The purpose was to seek solutions for all parts of the transportation system, right across the North Shore.

The result is an action plan to improve people and goods movement throughout the region and across Burrard Inlet.

We're now working with all levels of government and key stakeholders to explore short-term actions. We will also provide longer-term options for inclusion in the Regional Transportation Strategy.

There is no quick fix to cure congestion, but the INSTPP provides a valuable step forward. And new transportation investments are already underway as part of the Mayors' 10-Year Vision. They include more frequent bus and SeaBus service, and the introduction of B-Lines.

To learn about the Integrated North Shore Planning Project’s recommendations at instpp.ca.