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Mobility Pricing

A Mobility Pricing Independent Commission has been established to undertake research, extensive consultation, and to ultimately make recommendations on a coordinated approach to pricing transportation in the Metro Vancouver region. The Independent Commission is the result of commitments outlined in the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation to use mobility pricing in order to better reduce congestion, promote fairness, and support urgently needed investment in the transportation system.


What is mobility pricing?

Mobility pricing refers to the suite of fees and charges for using everyday transportation services. These include things like transit fares, bridge tolls, road usage charges, and fees for any other services involved in the movement of people and goods.

The Mobility Pricing Independent Commission is tasked with:

  • making recommendations on ways to improve our current approach to pricing roads and bridges
  • providing advice on how to better coordinate pricing of all transportation modes and services in the region


Why is this work being done?

This work is being undertaken to help address 3 issues:

  1. Fairness concerns around our current approach to tolling some bridges but not others.
  2. Worsening traffic congestion on roads and bridges across the region, which wastes time for people and business, hurts our economic competitiveness, and quality of life.
  3. Reduced ability to support transportation investment with current revenue mix.


What will be done with the results of the Commission's work?

TransLink, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, and the Province will consider the recommendations of the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission as key advice in deciding how to move forward with any changes to the way we price transportation in this region.


What's next?

The Mayors’ Council and the TransLink Board have launched the Independent Commission, appointing a Chair and Vice-Chair.

With these appointments and approval of the Terms of Reference, the Commission begins its research and public consultation work, which will result in a report delivered to the TransLink Board of Directors and the Mayors’ Council in spring 2018.

The Commission will engage the region broadly throughout its term, and use its findings as key inputs to help inform and guide its recommendations. Members of the public will have the opportunity to take part in the Independent Commission’s work at public meetings in communities across Metro Vancouver and online.

More information on the Independent Commission and how to get involved will be made available at