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Bus Speed and Reliability

Buses are the workhorses of the transit network and they play a critical role moving people to employment, education, healthcare, and the people and places that matter the most. However, the region is facing substantial traffic congestion, hindering the performance of the bus network. While TransLink and Coast Mountain Bus Company work hard to keep bus service frequent and reliable, road congestion is having an adverse effect on customer experience and operating costs.

2019 Bus Speed & Reliability Report

This 2019 Bus Speed and Reliability Report is TransLink's first assessment of region-wide bus speed and reliability. It provides an overview of bus delays in Metro Vancouver, identifies the corridors with the largest passenger delays, and assesses the sources. The report also outlines TransLink's role, and the need for municipal partners to address this challenge to the region's transit system.

Transit Priority Toolkit

TransLink has outlined a detailed list of strategies to improve the speed and reliability of buses, but we need support from municipal partners to unlock them. That's why we've created a Transit Priority Toolkit.

The Transit Priority Toolkit provides TransLink and municipal partners with specific strategies to improve travel time and reliability of transit service for the more than 900,000 customers who ride the bus each day. The toolkit focuses on 14 transit priority strategies ranging from interagency coordination to minor capital enhancements to significant infrastructure improvements.

Both documents will serve as guidance for TransLink and municipal partners to address region-wide bus speed and reliability.