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Langley Transit Priorities

Photo of the 250 on Lionsgate Bridge

Over the next few years, we are making major transit investments in Surrey and Langley as part of the Mayors’ 10-Year Vision. Fraser Highway is a key transit corridor with 13,000 bus boardings each week and 3.5 million bus boardings each year.

While we focus on extending SkyTrain on the Fraser Highway corridor, we’re also increasing bus service, and improving bus speed and reliability for routes that travel along Fraser Highway, including the 502 and 503.


Route 502 and 503 Fraser Hwy Express

In September, the 503 Fraser Hwy Express was redesigned to be a high-frequency, limited stop service between Surrey Central and Langley Centre; and the 502 will maintain frequent local service between Langley City and Surrey Central Station. Service to Aldergrove has also been improved.


Red Bus Priority lanes

Bus priority lanes will be coloured red and will speed up buses and increase the people-carrying capacity of roadways, but there will also be benefits for other road users. Traffic signal times will also be optimized, which will speed up overall traffic. Buses throughout Langley will benefit from these improvements. Nearly every bus in Langley runs on at least one of these routes. During peak times, that’s 55 buses per hour!


Key Changes

Fraser Transit Priority Measures

  • Fraser Hwy from 200 St to 203 St
    Westbound outside lane dedicated to buses, bicycles and vehicles turning right.
  • 203 St from Fraser Hwy to Logan Ave
    Northbound outside lane dedicated to buses, bicycles, and vehicles turning right.
  • Logan Ave from 203 St to Glover Road
    Eastbound outside lane dedicated to buses, bicycles, and vehicles turning right.

From June 3 to 10, 2019 we consulted the public on what they thought about these proposed transit priority measures in Langley. See the Engagement Summary Report for details.

    Engage TransLink

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    Visit Engage TransLink to learn about past/present public consultations and have your say!