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Service Quality

We keep a close eye on our customers’ experience travelling on our system. We check whether our services arrive on time, service delays, whether escalators and elevators are working, and on the overall accessibility of our services.

Using the Accountability Centre

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Transit Service Provided


*In 2017, implementation of the Phase One of the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision expanded transit service across Metro Vancouver to increase system capacity, reduce overcrowding, and expand service. The Phase One Plan was Metro Vancouver’s biggest transit service expansion since 2009. Further information are available at 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transport.

Transit On-Time Performance






Service Delays and Cancellations



Escalator and Elevator Availability

We plan to upgrade the escalators and elevators at stations along the Expo and Millennium Lines, as required and over time. The first phase of this program will see replacement of over half of the escalators along the Expo Line over the next several years. On-going maintenance, performance monitoring, and condition assessment of the devices are underway to optimize service for passengers and to determine priorities of other future upgrades. There are also plans to implement an automatic monitoring system which will allow for consistent and real-time monitoring of outages and more accurate reporting of the metrics below.