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The 10-Year Investment Plan


About TransLink's Plans

TransLink has a legislated requirement to identify proposed transportation services, key initiatives, and capital investments, as well as how these services, initiatives and investments will be funded. Under TransLink's governing legislation (the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act), TransLink must prepare a 10-year investment plan at least once every three years, and present it to the Mayors' Council for approval. Once approved, the 10-year investment plan becomes the new strategic plan.


What's in the Plan?

The 10-Year Investment Plan that is put forward to the Mayors' Council for approval outlines the strategic initiatives, transportation programs and services that TransLink plans to deliver over the plan period:

  • level of services to be provided
  • major capital projects and key initiatives
  • estimated expenditures
  • estimated revenues, including partner government contributions
  • estimated borrowing

These plans set the annual transportation investments and actions that will move the region towards the goals in the Regional Transportation Strategy.

TransLink’s current strategic plan is the 2018 — 2027 Investment Plan: Phase Two.

For a snapshot of the investments included in each phase of the 10-Year Vision, view the 10-Year Vision Dashboard.

Learn more about the 10-Year Vision on