Quickpass Toll Accounts for Golden Ears Bridge Referred to ARO Inc.

Tolls were removed as of September 1, 2017. Customers are still responsible for tolls incurred before September 1, 2017

All remaining Quickpass toll accounts with unpaid toll debt have been referred to ARO Inc. Pay your outstanding balance with ARO Inc.

Any ICBC holds (“RTI”) on your account placed by Quickpass will remain while the account is with ARO Inc.

Questions About Your Toll Account/ARO

ARO Inc. is a licensed collections agency that has been contracted by TransLink to take over the collection of outstanding debts of Quickpass toll accounts. ARO Inc. is contacting you in relation to a Quickpass toll account that has been referred to them for collection.

While tolls were removed starting September 1, 2017, the tolls actually incurred by customers prior to September 1, 2017 are still owed. Quickpass sent a final invoice to all customers with balances owing in the months after the tolls were removed to the most recent contact information available to them.

The Quickpass Customer Service Centre and online accest to Quickpass are now permanently closed.

Please pay ARO Inc. to settle your outstanding Quickpass toll debt or contact ARO Inc. if you need more information on the amount owed.

Any holds that Quickpass requested ICBC place on your vehicle insurance or driver’s license will remain in effect until the debt related to your Quickpass account is settled with ARO Inc.

You must pay ARO Inc. directly in order to have ARO Inc. clear the hold. Please contact ARO Inc. for information on payment options available to clear the hold immediately.

Please note that certain payment options may require a wait of up to 10 business days to allow your payment to be processed in order for the hold to be cleared.

We strongly recommend that you contact ARO Inc. immediately to settle the account to avoid any delay in getting your vehicle insurance or driver’s license.

If you think you have already paid for your tolls, but still have an outstanding toll account that has been referred to ARO Inc., it may be because:

  • You made a payment against one of your other Quickpass accounts or a TReO account
  • You bought a new vehicle or changed license plates and forgot to update your Quickpass account (in these situations, Quickpass may have created a new, unregistered account for this vehicle or license plate)

In this situation, please contact ARO Inc. and provide the collection agent with as much information you can. Please have any supporting documents, including copies of any receipts, invoices, account information, etc., ready to provide on request of the collection agent.

Yes, you are still liable for paying your outstanding toll debt even if you did not receive an invoice from Quickpass. Final invoices were sent by Quickpass to the best known address based on information provided by you on registration or by ICBC.

It is possible that the address from ICBC may not have been valid or that you moved and forgot to update your address with Quickpass, resulting in the invoices not being received or returned to Quickpass.

Please pay ARO Inc. to settle your outstanding Quickpass toll debt or contact ARO Inc. if you need more information on the amount owed.

The simple answer is that you should pay the agency that has sent you a bill or notice.

If you have received combined bills from TReO and also a notice from ARO Inc., it is possible that you had outstanding amounts owing to Quickpass prior to your combined billing account being set up by TReO or that you were at some point not eligible for combined billing with TReO, resulting in tolls being incurred on a Quickpass toll account. In this situation, you would be responsible for paying both TReO and ARO Inc. for the separate amounts owed.

The Quickpass toll system, which was operated by TransLink’s third party toll operations service provider, has been shut down. All account information and any credit card or pre-authorized debit information will be securely destroyed in accordance with TransLink’s Record Management Policy.

Quickpass has confirmed credit balances with customers, where possible, in order to provide refunds. Customers who have not received their refund or have not been contacted by Quickpass and believe they had a credit balance with Quickpass can contact TransLink by phone or email:

By phone

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Quickpass advised all transponder customers to return their transponder after the tolls were removed from the Golden Ears Bridge on September 1, 2017. For more information, please contact TransLink by phone or email.

By phone

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.