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On Demand Access to Vehicles

Join the growing number of Metro Vancouver residents choosing not to own a private vehicle. Research shows, the average car sits parked alone for 95% of the time. Why leave your money sitting idle when you could carshare and keep more of that money for yourself!

Carsharing allows you to take transit, walk or cycle for some of your trips while giving you access to a fleet of vehicles, only when one is needed. Vehicles are available on demand without the ongoing charges and hassles of owning, maintaining and parking (in some cases).

Car Share vehicles are available by the minute, hour and day and are located throughout Metro Vancouver available in both "one-way drop off" and "return to a home location" services.

Throughout Metro Vancouver, carshare vehicles can be parked free of charge in any available "permit only" on-street parking spot in residential neighborhoods. Modo and Evo Carshare vehicles have reserved spots at seven TransLink Park and Ride locations.


Rapid Transit & Carsharing

There are numerous carshare vehicles located within walking distance of SkyTrain, Canada Line, Sea Bus and transit hubs throughout Metro Vancouver - providing transit users with further integrated mobility options.

Learn how car sharing works, how to sign up and where car sharing vehicles are located near you.


Why Carshare?

  • Save money on car costs, parking, insurance and maintenanceAccording to CAA, the average car costs over $10K per year to own. Carsharing averages about $1,500.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles on the road – Research shows that each carshare vehicle takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and making greener choices – Car sharers travel less, help ease traffic congestion and reduce the need for more parking.