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Not to be confused with end-to-end car-sharing and ride-hailing services, carpooling helps private car owners find ride matches with the same route and work or school schedule to share car journeys on a regular basis.

Carpooling is an easy way to reduce costs and stress on your commute, make extra cash on the side, cut your environmental impact, and take advantage of HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes to get to work faster.

Here is a selection of popular carpool matching services in Metro Vancouver:


For Organizations

To register your company for carpool, contact us at through your organization email.

Liftango works with organizations including businesses, universities, and public institutions to provide real-time carpool, vanpool, and transit-on-demand solutions to employees.

How does it work?

Liftango develops tailored programs for organizations, including dynamic ride matching and sharing of usage data.

  • Includes the option to book recurring trips
  • Provides user rewards such as fuel vouchers and gift cards

How much does it cost?

  • Annual fee for organizations
  • There is no cost for drivers or riders
  • Drivers and passengers benefit from discounted parking spaces for carpools

To learn more visit

RideShark is a custom carpooling platform for a defined group of users such as staff members or neighbouring organizations.

How does it work?

  • Organizations sign up to create a unique commuting option for their employees
  • Organizations design their own rewards programs and includes all travel modes with the ability to manage commuters through one integrated platform

How much does it cost?

  • Pricing is unique to the size and needs of each organization

Visit Rideshark to learn more.


Open to the Public

An affordable way for everyone to travel. Sign up now to find a match for single trips. The more people in the car-the cheaper the journey.

How does it work?

  • Connects users with available drivers and passengers across the Vancouver region
  • Drivers post their trip with an origin, destination, and travel time on the app
  • Passengers can request rides with drivers or drivers can offer rides to passengers
  • Users are matched based on proximity to origin, destination, travel route, and personal preferences

How much does it cost?

Drivers can only post costs within CRA mileage rates to ensure all costs are shared.

  • Single passenger: $0.58 cents/ km plus 15% transaction fee trip fee (example: 13 km = $8.69)
  • Second Passenger: The above costs would be half for each passenger (example: 13 km = $4.34 for each passenger)

Visit gobyRIDE for more information and to download the app.

Poparide provides carpooling to share rides between cities in Canada and suburban neighbourhoods within large cities. Popular travel corridors are Fraser Valley and between Whistler/ Squamish and Vancouver.

How does it work?

  • Members can book and post trips on Poparide’s mobile app
  • All payments are processed securely online

How much does it cost?

Trips range from $10 to $40 one way.

Examples of popular trips include:

Join Poparide's carpooling community or to learn more visit

U-Pool is a carpool sharing platform and the sister company of U-bicycle. The app was launched to provide more affordable and sustainable alternatives for residents' daily commutes.

How does it work?

  • Drivers and passengers use the same web app to request trips
  • Drivers can review carpool requests
  • Passengers enter their pick-up and destination locations

How much does it cost?

  • $0.60 cents/ km plus 20%. 

Sign up for U-Pool today.


Park & Ride Carpool Program

One more great reason to carpool — if you share a ride with one or more people you have access to priority parking at the Park & Ride lots listed below. These spaces are available to carpool groups who arrive with at least two people in the vehicle. Spaces are available on a first come, first-served basis until 9 a.m. Carpools pay the posted rate for parking.

  • Carvolth Exchange Park & Ride
    15 priority parking spaces
  • South Surrey Park & Ride
    13 priority parking spaces
  • Scott Road SkyTrain Station Park & Ride
    24 priority parking spaces

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