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Central Valley Greenway


The Central Valley Greenway is a 24-kilometre route for cycling, jogging, walking, wheelchairs, skateboarding and blading. It was funded in partnership by TransLink, the municipalities it travels through and the federal government. Each section of the Central Valley Greenway is owned, operated and maintained by the municipality in which it is located.

Together with the BC Parkway the route forms the spine of Metro Vancouver's cycling network and roughly parallels the Millennium Line.

BC Parkway & Central Valley Greenway Map


The Route

The Central Valley Greenway varies greatly throughout the length of its route. In some sections it is fully constructed as a separated urban greenway or a rural recreational trail. In other sections the route runs parallel to a railway corridor or the edge of an industrial roadway.

Most sections of the trail are suitable for all kind of walking and wheeling. The exception is in Burnaby where there are some compacted gravel paths less suitable for in-line skating. Some sections of the Greenway are composed of interim routes that will be upgraded in the future.

If you plan to bike along the Greenway to the SkyTrain, please see the guidelines for bikes on SkyTrain.

The Greenway is a partnership between the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia, TransLink, Metro Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, the City of Burnaby and the City of New Westminster.