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Transferring Between Buses, SkyTrain and SeaBus

If you have a Compass Card or Compass Ticket, you can transfer across bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus on a single fare for up to 90 minutes (120 minutes with a West Coast Express fare), as long as your fare includes the number of zones you intend to travel on SkyTrain and SeaBus. To upgrade your fare for extra zone travel, please see the AddFare information below.

Your first tap marks the start of your trip, and the start of your 90-minute transfer window (and 120 minutes of in-system time) to complete your trip if you're travelling on SkyTrain, SeaBus or West Coast Express. If you exceed that time, you'll have to pay another fare.

If you pay with cash, a bus transfer or a FareSaver (no longer sold) on the bus, you can transfer to other buses on that same single fare for up to 90 minutes. When paying with cash on a Community Shuttle (small bus), you'll be given a paper bus transfer. These bus transfers can't be tapped and need to be presented to the operator when transferring to a different bus.

West Coast Express (WCE) fares are priced differently than bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus, so you'll need to pay additional fare to transfer onto WCE, even if you're using a Compass Card or Compass Ticket. If you're travelling with a Compass Ticket, you'll need to purchase a new Compass Ticket for your WCE trip at a Compass Vending Machine


AddFares (Upgrades)


Stored Value
If you're travelling with Stored Value on a Compass Card, you never have to worry about upgrading your fare—Compass will calculate the appropriate fare when you tap out. Just make sure you have enough Stored Value on your card in advance to complete your trip, otherwise your card will go into negative balance and you'll need to top it up before entering the system again.

Monthly Pass
If traveling on a one- or two-zone Monthly Pass, we recommend adding Stored Value to your card before your trip, so you can transfer seamlessly into extra zones. When Monthly Pass holders travel into extra zones, the system automatically debits the AddFare amount from your Stored Value balance. AddFares to a Monthly Pass are charged at the cash rate (see table below), and can't be done at a Compass Vending Machine.

Compass Ticket
If you've purchased a one- or two-zone Compass Ticket and need to travel into extra zones, you must upgrade your ticket with an add fare at a Compass Vending Machine (CVM) before you cross the boundary into another zone. Just follow the prompts on the CVM to upgrade your Compass Ticket.


AddFare Prices

Upgrade Adult Fare Concession Fare
1 Zone to 2 Zone $1.25 $1.00
1 Zone to 3 Zone $2.75 $2.00
2 Zone to 3 Zone $1.50 $1.00

    Fare Zones

    The number of zones you travel through during your SkyTrain or SeaBus trip will determine your fare. SkyTrain and SeaBus fares vary depending on the time of day, day of the week and the zones you travel. All bus-only travel is a one-zone fare, anytime, any day.

    View our Fare Zone Map page for more information.

    Proof of Payment

    Proof of Payment
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