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Bus Anywhere with a 1-Zone Fare


Bus Anywhere With a 1 Zone Fare

Bus across all zones with a 1-zone fare

All bus travel, including HandyDART, is considered 1-zone, no matter where you go or when you travel. So there’s no need to buy 2- or 3-zone fares for bus-only travel.

If you transfer from bus to SkyTrain or SeaBus, you still need to purchase the right fare for the number of zones you're travelling in. Zones for SkyTrain and SeaBus remain the same.



What fare do I need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the zone map change?

No. The 3-zone system remains in effect for SkyTrain, SeaBus and bus. The Transit Tariff indicates that all travel by bus regardless of the number of zones crossed is a one-zone fare.

Zones for West Coast Express also remain the same.

Is travel on all modes after 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends/holidays still a one-zone fare?

Yes. Travel after 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends/holidays is a one-zone fare on all modes: bus, SkyTrain or SeaBus.

Does the 90-minute transfer window still apply?

Yes. Your fare is valid for 90 minutes – just make sure you've purchased the correct fare in advance for the zones you cross on SkyTrain or SeaBus.