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Canada Line YVR AddFare

Graphic displaying the YVR addfare locations. The $5 Canada Line YVR AddFare applies to Stored Value trips, or single-use fares and DayPasses purchased at Sea Island stations (YVR-Airport, Sea Island Centre, and Templeton), for eastbound travel beyond Sea Island.

Compass Vending Machines (CVMs) and Compass fare gates at all three Sea Island stations are programmed to charge the $5 YVR AddFare on applicable transactions.

Applicable Fares

The $5 YVR AddFare is applicable on the following adult and concession fares for eastbound travel:

  • Single-use tickets purchased from CVMs at the three Sea Island stations.
  • DayPasses purchased from CVMs at the three Sea Island stations.
  • Compass Card Stored Value trips that originate on one of the three Island Stations for travel beyond Sea Island.  
  • Contactless American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit card or mobile wallet Tap to Pay fares.


The following fare media is exempt from the YVR AddFare:

  • Monthly Pass holders.
  • Program pass holders.
  • Burkeville resident program cards.
  • Customers using DayPasses not purchased on Sea Island.
  • Customers using single-use Compass Tickets not purchased on Sea Island.
  • Customers travelling between Sea Island stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Canada Line customers travelling from YVR-Airport, Sea Island Centre and Templeton stations for travel beyond Sea Island, who buy a single-use ticket or DayPass from a Compass Vending Machine on Sea Island; or who travel with Compass Card Stored Value.

Yes! Compass Vending Machines at Sea Island stations are programmed to automatically charge the additional $5 Canada Line YVR AddFare on applicable transactions.

Yes, travel is free between all three stations on Sea Island. Customers can travel for free between Sea Island stations by obtaining a "Sea Island Only" Compass Ticket, or by travelling with a Compass Card. The system will refund all charges related to Sea Island-only travel when customers tap out with a Compass Card.

No. The YVR AddFare only applies to eastbound travel from YVR Airport, Sea Island Centre and Templeton stations for customers continuing beyond Sea Island.

The YVR AddFare helps ensure that customers who start their travel from YVR help pay for the Canada Line, from which they directly benefit. The AddFare applies to all eastbound trips starting on Sea Island and continuing beyond Sea Island.

TransLink is responsible for setting and collecting all transit fares. The YVR AddFare is collected by TransLink to help pay funding obligations associated with construction of Canada Line.

Vancouver Airport Authority doesn't receive any portion of the revenue collected from the AddFare. The Airport Authority fully paid construction costs associated with all portions of the Canada Line on Sea Island, including the three stations

TransLink offers a Compass program card to Burkeville residents who travel with Stored Value on a Compass Card exempting them from the YVR AddFare. The cards are valid for 5 years. There is a $6 refundable deposit required for each card. Should you move or no longer require the card, you can return it and your $6 will be refunded. Burkeville residents can apply for a card in person at the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium–Chinatown Station.