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About the Parking Tax

The Parking Tax is a tax paid on the sale of a parking right. The Parking Tax is calculated on the purchase price of parking rights within the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) service region, including parking rights sold by hour, month, year or any other basis.

As of July 1, 2010, administration, enforcement and collection became the responsibility of TransLink as governed under the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act, Section 169, and the Parking Rights Tax Regulation.


To deliver on the commitments in the approved Phase Two Investment Plan, the Mayors’ Council has approved a model to fund the region’s share of $2.5 billion. $628 million of the region’s share will be funded through increased fare revenue resulting from service expansion, and TransLink resources and efficiencies. To raise the remaining funding necessary to meet the region’s share and leverage senior government commitments, the Phase Two Plan includes changes to five existing sources - one of which is a 3% increase to the Parking Rights Tax rate. Effective July 1, 2019, the Parking Rights Tax rate will increase from 21% to 24%.


South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Service Region

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