TransLink introduces all-door boarding at Commercial-Broadway

January 22, 2019

Starting February 2, 2019, there will be a new option for getting on and off Expo Line trains heading westbound towards downtown Vancouver. A new platform at Commercial-Broadway Station will soon be open for customers, bringing all-door boarding to the system for the first time.

All-door boarding will help people get where they need to go faster, by reducing crowding on the platform and improving passenger flow at the station.

Customers on Expo Line heading towards downtown Vancouver (westbound):

  • Connect to Millennium Line by exiting via doors on right (Platform 5).
  • Connect to 99 B-Line and other buses by exiting via doors on left (Platform 3).

Customers on Millennium Line transferring to the Expo Line have two options:

  • Take the new overhead walkway to the new platform (Platform 5) to board the Expo Line heading downtown (westbound) only.
  • Use the original overhead walkway to access the original platform (Platforms 3 and 4) to access trains heading both east and west.

Additional staff and customer signage will be out before and after the change takes place to help customers.

New All-Door Boarding

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