Statement from TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond on shooting of Transit Police officer

January 31, 2019

Yesterday afternoon around 4 p.m., one of our Transit Police officers, Cst. Josh Harms, was shot at Scott Road Station while on duty. Fortunately, Cst. Harms’ injuries, while serious, are not life-threatening. Since then, we’ve seen an outpouring of support for Cst. Harms and the rest of the transit community.

Last night's events are a reminder of the hard and often challenging work our Transit Police do each and every day to keep our customers, our employees and our system safe. While incidents like this are rare, it is imperative our customers feel safe on our system. I would like to acknowledge our staff who leapt to action to keep our customers moving and informed.

On behalf of TransLink, I would like to express my deep appreciation and support to Transit Police, our employees and our customers.

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