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Granville Station Escalators

TransLink is replacing 37 escalators at 13 SkyTrain Stations along the Expo Line and at select West Coast Express stations as part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program. This critical investment into the system will keep escalators safe and reliable for customers well into the future.

Granville Station will be the first to see improvements, with six escalators replaced.

Construction will start with the three main escalators beginning May 26 and continuing for an estimated two years, at an estimated cost of $14.5 million.

The ‘Big 3’ Granville Station escalators

  • Are the longest escalators in Metro Vancouver, at 115 feet (35m) long.
  • Each travel 12,744 kms/year – roughly the distance from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia or Mumbai, India.
  • Carry 10 million people/year – roughly the population of Sweden or Portugal.
  • Carry 30,000 people on an average weekday.
  • Each have 167 steps, half of which are visible at any one time.
  • Are original, from when Expo Line opened in 1986.

How replacing the Big 3 is different

  • It usually takes about six months to replace standard escalators with prefabricated escalators.
  • Due to the length of these escalators and the challenges of bringing large pre-fabricated pieces into a constrained, underground space, this will not be a typical installation.
  • Unlike a typical escalator installation in which the escalator comes in sections from the factory, these escalators must be built and assembled on site, and must be adapted to the existing truss.
  • The process involves disassembling the existing components piece-by-piece. The truss is then scanned for any flaws which are addressed as required.
  • Then new components are brought in, and a new set of escalators are built on the existing truss framework.

Granville Station

  • Third busiest in the transit system
  • 43,700 people travel through each weekday
  • More than 14 million people use the station each year
  • Four times as busy as when it opened
  • Is the deepest station in the system, at approximately 25 metres

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