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TransLink accelerating delivery of new SkyTrain cars

February 22, 2018

New cars to boost capacity and frequency three years sooner as region experiencing record ridership

RICHMOND, BC —TransLink, along with its provincial and federal partners, are accelerating the purchase of 28 additional SkyTrain cars on the Expo and Millennium Lines.

The additional cars will help relieve rush-hour SkyTrain crowding through more frequent service and higher capacity, at a time when transit use is reaching an all-time high in Metro Vancouver. In 2017 alone, ridership grew by more than 12 per cent on the Expo and Millennium lines, and over 6 per cent on Canada Line.

By 2020, 80 new cars will be available for use on the system that was set out in Phase One of the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision:

  • 28 Expo and Millennium line cars by early 2019;
  • 28 additional Expo and Millennium line cars by the end of 2019 – three years ahead of schedule; and
  • 24 Canada Line cars by the end of 2020.

The total investment for the 80 new cars is $298 million: $210 million for the 56 Expo and Millennium Line cars and $88 million for Canada Line. The purchase of the new cars is funded through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).  PTIF is funded by the Government of Canada at 50 per cent, Province of British Columbia at 33 per cent and TransLink at 17 per cent.

We expect the additional 80 SkyTrain cars will increase capacity by about:

  • 10 per cent for Expo Line;
  • 23 per cent for Millennium Line; and
  • 30 per cent for Canada Line.

This results in a total of 8,200 additional spaces per peak hour on both directions on all three SkyTrain Lines.

This investment is a significant portion of the plan to increase rail service as part of the $2-billion Phase One of the 10-Year Vision for better transit, roads, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in Metro Vancouver. These improvements will encourage more people to rely on public transit, helping to cut road congestion and keep the region moving.


John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia

“Metro Vancouver commuters who are looking for better, faster, affordable transit will benefit from the early purchase of these SkyTrain cars. By partnering with the federal government to deliver on this part of the Mayors’ 10-Year Vision, our government is helping people spend less time commuting, and more time with family and friends.”

Gordie Hogg, MP for South Surrey and White Rock, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

“The Government of Canada recognizes that investing in public transit infrastructure is crucial to economic development and growing the middle class, particularly in large urban centres like Metro Vancouver. Making our transit system more efficient with these new SkyTrain cars will improve commute times, reduce air pollution, and help create a more inclusive community where everyone has access to public services and job opportunities.”

Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Minister Responsible for TransLink

“As the region continues to grow and expand, we need to invest in public transit to keep people moving. Our government is focused on partnering with the Mayors’ Council and TransLink on their 10-Year Vision for transit in Metro Vancouver so that together we can deliver on the transportation infrastructure people need.”

Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of Richmond

“With the accelerated delivery of these 80 train cars and other continued increases to transit service, the residents of Metro Vancouver and Richmond will see the strong connection between good, long-term, region-wide planning and the tangible changes that make our communities better places in which to live.”

Kevin Desmond, CEO of TransLink

“With transit ridership continuing to soar in our region, these additional cars will go a long way in providing relief for our customers. More trains and more frequent service will ensure you’re more likely to get a spot on the train during rush hour, and more likely to get a seat during the off-peak periods.”


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