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TransLink to study weekend late-night SkyTrain service

December 14, 2017

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC — In response to requests from the public, municipal leaders, police and other community stakeholders, TransLink will explore the feasibility of providing extended SkyTrain service on Friday and Saturday nights.

TransLink and the BC Rapid Transit Company will undertake the following three steps to review the options:

  • Best practice research into how other systems worldwide have managed the introduction of late-night service;
  • Study how extended service can be provided while retaining the necessary maintenance hours that are required to keep the system running safely and reliably, and study the potential financial costs associated with providing extended service; and
  • Gather a group of community leaders – including municipal officials, downtown businesses and police - to consider all implications of extended late night service. These discussions will also include other options that could be available to customers such as bus, ride hailing and enhanced taxi service.

TransLink anticipates early findings will be ready for review mid-2018.

Maintaining a safe and reliable SkyTrain system will continue to be TransLink’s top priority. This requires ongoing maintenance either overnight or during other times of the day to ensure its long-term health and reliability.


Kevin Desmond, TransLink CEO –

“We have heard there is demand for SkyTrain to run later on weekends and we are taking a fresh look at what would be required to make that happen. While it has always been technically possible to operate SkyTrain later at night, it would have a significant impact on maintenance. We are committed to operating a system that is safe and reliable. We want to find out if we can keep that commitment while offering another option for customers who travel late at night.”


Gregor Robertson, Mayors’ Council Chair and Mayor of the City of Vancouver –

“I appreciate TransLink’s willingness to look at how SkyTrain service can run later on busy weekend nights. It’s often difficult for people visiting or working in downtown Vancouver late at night to find a safe, affordable option to get home. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this review so we can make informed decisions on how TransLink can improve late night transit service.”


Richard Stewart, Mayor of the City of Coquitlam–

“I am glad TransLink is reviewing the options. If extending SkyTrain hours on the weekend is possible, I would support it. People living in Coquitlam need to know they can find a safe way home after a night out in downtown Vancouver or from their late night employment. I look forward to seeing the results of the review.”

Quick Facts on BCRTC’s maintenance program:

  • Expo and Millennium Lines operate on 60 km of rail network. When combined with Canada Line, the 80 km system becomes the longest, fully automated rapid transit system in the world.
  • BCRTC has a maximum of 1,500 hours available each year to complete required maintenance, capital work and emergency repairs.
  • 5,000 linear metres: length of rail to be replaced under the annual Expo Line Running Rail Replacement Project.

Learn More:

Expo Line Running Rail Replacement Program

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