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We're pleased to share BC Rapid Transit Company and CUPE 7000 have reached a tentative agreement. The Expo and Millennium Lines are now operating its regular schedules.

Working Near Trolley Overhead Lines

Image of Trolley Overhead Lines beside a construction project

TransLink aims to ensure a safe, cost-effective and reliable transit network. In light of increased development near trolley overhead (TOH) infrastructure, the TOH Adjacent Works Program responds to requests for building near TOH lines through proven construction-management standards for third party projects adjacent to TOH infrastructure.

These standards ensure adjacent construction activity are safe for our customers, employees and the transit system. They also ensure that any costs for repairs caused by damages due to unsafe construction practices are not passed on to TransLink and taxpayers.

Currently, alterations to the TOH infrastructure will be significantly delayed and prioritized accordingly until further notice


Active Trolley Overhead Adjacent Works Projects


If your project is located around TOH infrastructure, please complete the TOH Request Form below, or contact us at TOHreview@translink.ca for more information. For program related documents, please check out the Related Documents section of this page.


Trolley Overhead Adjacent Works Request Form

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