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Transit Police

Transit Police LogoMandated by the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General as a Designated Policing Unit, the Transit Police preserves and protects the peace throughout the transit system.

Working with local police services, each officer aims to prevent crime and offences against the law (including the Criminal Code), aid in the administration of justice, and enforce the laws of British Columbia.

With more than 500,000 people using the transit system daily, the Transit Police are in charge of policing one of the largest beats in Metro Vancouver. Every day they oversee:

  • 22 different jurisdictions
  • 79 kms of rapid transit with 53 stations on the Expo, Millennium, and Canada Lines
  • 69 kms of track and eight stations that make up the West Coast Express
  • Over 1,800 square kms of bus service, with more than 200 routes
  • Three SeaBuses running between Downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver

The province established the Transit Police designated policing unit in 2005 as the first dedicated transit police service in Canada. Oversight of the Transit Police is provided by the Transit Police Board. Transit Police staff are employees of TransLink Security Management Ltd., a subsidiary of TransLink.

Visit the Transit Police website to learn more about the Transit Police, their mandate, and any career opportunities.

    To contact the Transit Police for any non-emergency requests, please call 604.515.8300.