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Quick Facts

These quick facts pertain to Expo and Millennium Lines only.

  • BCRTC currently serves about 250,000 passengers per weekday and has an on-time service delivery performance rating of 95.46%.

  • Launched in 1986, SkyTrain is the oldest and one of the longest fully-automated, driverless, rapid transit systems in the world. 

  • SkyTrain runs on a mostly elevated guideway, high above city streets, though there are a few stations located underground. The name SkyTrain is derived from the first SkyTrain line, the Expo Line. 

  • The SkyBridge is a double-tracked, 616 metre cable-stayed bridge and the only structure of its kind in the world built exclusively for transit use.  Opened in 1990, it connects the cities of New Westminster and Surrey.

  • Trains operate at a maximum speed of about 80 km/hr (50 mph) over much of the line. Trains are at a reduced speed around stations and in some curves.  

  • Station platforms are 80 metres long and can accommodate trains of up to six MK I cars or four-car MK II/MK III, and potentially a future five-car MK II configuration.