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Corporate Reports

Our most recent corporate reports are located below. Visit the Corporate Report Document Library to view the full list of reports.


TransLink's Annual Reports highlights the accomplishments of each fiscal period. The reports are prepared under the direction of the Board of Directors. Each report contains performance measures, selected by the Board, as well as a consolidated Financial Report.

TransLink 2019 Accountability Report

Supporting Documents


Accessible Version

Please read the PDF version of the TransLink 2019 Accountability Report.

Annual business plan sets out the annual operating and capital budgets each year, including operating indicators.

The Executive Compensation Plan (ECP) governs the compensation structure for executives at TransLink and its subsidiaries. The ECP was first established in 2015 based on 2014 market data and salary ranges have not been updated since this time. The 2019 ECP is based on comparisons established by an independent third-party firm specializing in compensation and approved by the TransLink Board of Directors on July 17, 2019 and the Mayors’ Council on July 25, 2019. TransLink is posting this report as part of its commitment to transparency.

There were 3 external audits/reviews of TransLink's operations in 2012:

Quarterly and year-end financial and performance reports highlight fiscal and sustainability performance.

Peer Agency Review is prepared as part of our commitment to accountability and transparency to put our performance in context against other transit agencies.

People Report provides a status report on the activities that affect our employees across the enterprise.

Accessible Version

Looking for an accessible version? Please read the full 2016 People Report.

Statutory Annual Report includes a summary of operations for the year in relation to TransLink’s strategic transportation plan and includes other reporting obligations such as audited consolidated financial statements, complaints and customer satisfaction summaries.

Financial Information Act Report identifies employee and director remuneration and expenses, payments to suppliers, and grants made to external bodies.

TransLink recognizes the need to be open and transparent, including providing online its annual Financial Information Act filing, TransLink and operating companies' remuneration, and an executive compensation summary. Reports for previous years are available in the document library.